By virtue of staying in our Hotel Boutique MM450, you´ll find yourself rested, full of energy and with renewed spirit. which you can take advantage of in the form of enjoying the culture that is mere steps from you. Walking the hills in Valparaiso one can stumble upon the Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes, which offers a great collection of European and Chilean works from the 1800s to 1990s. One of the most important art collections in the country is found in the Baburizza Palace.

In this place full of history you´ll find many collections and these works are considered to be the most important public compilation in the country. Alongside an assortment of sculptures by artists such as Mario Irarrazaval, Ricardo Santander, Juan Egenau are some of the exponents tightly linked to the coastal city.

Declared national monument in 1979 it is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday between 10 am through 6 pm. Come to Paseo Yugoslavo nro 176 and enjoy shocking works like “El Grupo Montparnasse” and “ Los Precursores Extranjeros”.