where to dance the best CUECA, eat the best barbecue or a Fonda with a vegan option? This are the tips we´ll give you in this post so you can more easily choose a place to eat or just have a good time at.

If chorrillanas and hot dogs are your thing but are not a fan of meat, La Veggie Fonda will be your favorite option and General Cruz 571 will be your place. In this 100% veggie Fonda, they will fit your liking.

Another option would be to go to Plaza Victoria to the 41st contest of the Empanada Chilena, where you can entertain yourself as well as enjoy our typical cuisine.

An alternative might also be the fun and original Fonda in Parque Cultural de Valparaiso where the Galas Payasas 2019 takes place. The circus folk will perform the clown Olympics, in which the public will witness a winner be named.

This and many more alternative Fondas will be on your choice list in Valparaiso. plenty of options where music, dancing, and delicious food are the protagonists.

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