The Puerto de Ideas Festival and nearly here, join us this November 8th, 9th, and 10th in Valparaiso where you will be able to enjoy the spectacular dissertations, academic, cultural and artistic activities, in this celebration that congregates various national and international experts to discuss several extremely interesting topics of current relevance seen through the eyes of field experts in a wide range of disciplines.

Three days full of knowledge, in a wide range of disciplines including sociology, literature, anthropology, and history, collide in this festival of the mind.

Names like Andrea Wulf, german writer of the bestseller “La invención de la Naturaleza: El nuevo mundo de alexander von Humboldt” and Cristián Warnken, a Chilean poet, and communicator, are but a few of the personalities that will attend.

Puerto de Ideas 2019 sails between literature, philosophy, history, and sociology without leaving to the side the rest of the sciences and so, offering a range of multiple activities to choose depending on your interest, some of which will be free of charge and others with a cover of 2000 CLP. an excellent excuse to visit Valparaiso and enjoy the marine breeze.

Some of the activities to which you can attend free of charge include “the global crisis of liberal democracy”, “philosophical coffee” and the exhibition “Cetacean, echos of the sea”.

Go through this link and you´ll get to know everything about this compelling festival. you are on time to schedule a trip to the V region to enjoy this exhibitor just as much as our relaxing MM450 Hotel Boutique.