Starting on the past march 18th, MM450 joined in a preventive and voluntary quarantine, with our eyes set in the health of our team and visitors. meanwhile, we have been preparing to reopen our door with the same warmth and added safety. To that end the following measures have been made:

  • Our spaces have been conditioned to minimize high contact surfaces and the capacity in the areas of common use.
  • Processes have been automated to minimize physical contact, migrating a part of our service to a digital format with a team that will be available 24h a day.
  • Every member of our team undergoes daily health checks.
  • The implements, as well as the steps to follow in the cleaning and sanitation protocols, were adapted to the prevention standards against Covid-19, according to guidelines of the Minsal.
  • All guests will be assisted by a member of our staff to manage a safe income to the hotel by measuring temperature, disinfection of luggage and shoes, and hand sanitization. Simultaneously you will receive a protection kit (mask, gloves, and shoe covers).
  • Due to Seremi regulations, each of our visitors must sign an Affidavit of Health upon arrival.
  • Each of our services has been improved in order to provide the same quality of Attention.