MM450 is a Boutique Hotel, with its own makeup filled with details that enhance the value of our noble materials. Opened since 2012 in the 1930s, 600 square meter manor, based on one of the key routes in the district, mere steps away from the major attractions in Cerro Alegre.

It includes 10 private rooms scattered on two floors. On the front yard, two gorgeous terraces will lead the way to the common room where you´ll find a chimney, bar, and our restaurant. Even deeper inside a private courtyard exclusive for the guests.

On the top floor a bridge, ideal to enjoy the morning sun, leads to a secret garden where the aroma of jasmine thrives. Here a delightful open space is at the service of our guests.


The compulsion of, fashioning a classic building with current, fertile, and adaptable to the necessities of our guests, gave us the strength to renovate an old and forgotten place. Since that very moment we started, step by step to build, detail by detail, finding a way to achieve a warm, inviting flexible and diverse location.

Establishing the MM450 has been a challenge for all of us, a challenge to show day in and day out what the human hands are capable of.